bonnie plant project

"In 2002, Bonnie Plants started the 3rd Grade Cabbage Program with a mission to inspire a love of vegetable gardening in young people. Each year, they distribute more than one million free cabbage plants to 3rd Grade classrooms across the country." 
how exciting! especially for my third grader who dreams of a garden overflowing with vegetables and flowers! maybe one day :)  mary claire bounced home last week with her mega cabbage plant. an o.s. cross variety, which is known for producing giant, oversized heads, some weighing more than 50 pounds!

fifty pounds was her goal! ;) she was ready to get started. 

i googled a mega cabbage "how to." 
my thumb is far from green so any help is appreciated. 
we planned to start the plant in a pot and then transplant to a bed. 
we purchased the recommended soil and had the recipe for the perfect nitrogen mix (what the heck?)
we were ready to go! 

we had some high hopes for this mega plant!
"it's going to grow huge. gigantic. biggest one ever!"

so mary claire watered it... 
to death.
two days later and our mega cabbage was no more... 
cause of death?
water boarding.
we'll just buy another one. except monster cabbage plants cannot be purchased just anywhere. in our small town, that translates to nowhere. 
so i called bonnie plants. 
and man are they nice! 
so nice, the sales rep hand delivered us flat. 

so now we have six of these beauties planted in a bed. 

it's only been two days... 
so far, they are still alive.

{fingers crossed}

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