disney part one

and i promise there's not a part 1-24.  for my own editing sake, i am breaking the heap down into maybe two or three posts. combining camera and phone pictures... and since this is a scrapbook for my kids, i hated to trim too skinny.
 so here goes ~ part one...

we started out with a little downtown disney shopping. the way we do vacation money is: "we (and honey) give the children x amount." then, they must use their own money for all purchases. it's amazing to watch them think and rethink every-single-purchase. it helps eliminating begging. $5 of their own money is way different than $5 of moms. (we do spring for a few treats... of our choosing.) 

"watch out ~ dead arm syndrome"
honey had it here...
and i had it here...

next was ohana... 
i logged into the disney dining site daily trying for early reservations. seems ohana is one of disney's most popular restaurants. we never got early reservations, so 8:45 ohana it was. the atmosphere and entertainment was disney greatness! we even watched the fireworks over magic kingdom. but the food. (sorry crys), we were not fans of hawaiian cuisine. 

next up,  magic kingdom.
insert a happy dance with lines that looked like this!
and the weather... 70's.
we found ourselves imaging the park in the dead of the summer, 100+ degress at full capacity, with lines that steretched on forever. no thank you!

honey's favorite ride...
it's a small world.

mary claire was drooling for a mickey balloon, but couldn't bring herself to spend ten of her dollars. she never asked, which made it so sweet when it was a surprise from mom.

dinner at the crystal palace was delicious!
again, we were  able to see the firewoks and castle light show. the castle light show was awesome!

we left when the park closed, completely exhausted, but thrilled we were able see everything on our 'to see list!'

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