happy-ish friday!

a little happy and a little ish

we are gearing up for an exciting next couple of days. it's discipleship now (DNOW) weekend and we will be hosting half of the middle school girls. i love spending time with this sweet group and the college leaders. stay tuned ;)

a few pictures from our valentine week. jeff and i postponed our date night so i could photograph a valentine's day wedding. which was so sweet... and red!

  thursday morning mary claire couldn't wait to get to school.  

out the door she ran, ready for her valentine's party.

i could tell from the carpool line something was up with my little one. she was as pale as a ghost. once in the car she told me all about her party and how she threw up twice and how she didn't want to call home because the party was at the end of the day. insert a look of terror; eighteen other children being exposed. so she will be leaving the house this weekend.

i do love how they want to stay so close to mom when they are sick! making her a bed on my floor while i worked.
 and our pillow pet looking cat... 
he has an injured foot and wants to stay close to mary claire. but all other humans ~ need to stay away. 
#hateful cat
a tramp dog from disney.
i {heart} getting valentine's.

our girls in action director, celeste, is the most thought person ever! i receive a hand written card from her every holiday!

anna katherine took lollipops to the entire eighth grade... her sweet love language. mary clare was so in love with her valentines. a $1 box of cat and dog valentine's and she was over the moon. i jazzed up the drinks. #couldn'tresist!

we re purposed a 99¢ christams cake pop set into a valentine craft.

fun... but not the prettiest!

kuddos to bennett! for his sat scores and a letter from our state senator!  jeff and i often comment on how he is such a neat kid! he wrote our state senator a letter concerning gun control and our senator responded! #hehasmyvote

last but not least, i'm sporting a broken ring finger. i tripped over the dog on my studio stairs. i did a gymnastics move that gabby douglas couldn't recreate... i bruised all kinds of things (thankfully it was dark.) end result was a terrified wiener dog, a broken table and ring finger. thinking it was just a sprain, i postponed the doctor. until a lady told me how broken fingers can turn into "trigger fingers" that do not move (???) my son would be beyond impressed if his mom's finger was permanently shaped like a trigger... however i didn't like the sound of it. so, i'm glad i made the appointment ;) no trigger finger for me!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Ouch! Hope your finger is healed soon!
Funny story about writing to Lindsey Graham,our son wrote a letter to him for the first time a few years ago. When he got a letter in reply he was so excited and said "look mom, SHE wrote me back!" I said, "oh, honey, she is a HE." And he said "Really? What kind of guy has the name Lindsey?" In his short life he has only met girls with the name Lindsey!

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