jeff and i are often amazed at the strong willed recessive gene that is our anna katherine. a blonde haired ~ blue eyed girl from parents with dark eyes and hair. (minus the gray and color treatments, mine is as dark as jeff's)

today i have a quick tale of an anna katherine blonde moment. seems she has been having quite a few these days, especially in geography class ;) 

a little background ~ many know i am a fan of court tv. i love real life stories, mysteries and the workings of our legal system. when a good trial comes along, i've been known to get hooked!  this trial about a pathological psychopath is my latest fixation. (seriously, just lock her up and throw away the key already!)  during my work day i listen/watch in my office. on the way to school, i listen in the car via satellite radio. on a couple cross examination days,  i've broken my own rule of no tv after school and watched while cooking dinner. when the kids are tucked in, the tv remote is mine. (this is one they cannot watch!)  jeff knows it's short lived so he is a good sport, because he despises nancy grace!

my kids do catch pieces of nancy's rants and her "unleashing of the lawyers."  jean casarez is one of her favorite go to lawyers.

anna katherine was listening to nancy grace when she commented:
"who in the world would name their child jenko-saurus? that's just mean!"

pronounced like tyrannosaurus (rex), 
except tyrann is jenko ~ with a long o.
take a listen. what do you think?
hhmmm... this might not be a blonde moment.
sounds like a jenko to me ;)
 anna katherine has a great sense of humor.
because jenkosaurus has brought much laughter to our house this week.
 now every time nancy asks jenko-saurus her opinion, 
my husband does this:

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