middle school dance

i'm blogging tonight from a cozy bed in the heart of disney world. just taking a few minutes to catch up on the outside world. we are in the thick of a fast paced, yet fabulous winter break. bennett and jeff stayed home which means the go-go-go factor has been kicked up a couple notches. one thing guaranteed, i will  return home missing my guys, 5lbs heavier and in need of a break. but the parks have not been crowded and the weather... oh my goodness, p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-nit's been super neat seeing several other WH families at disney. which reminded me of this sweet set of pictures i forgot to post before i left. 

{anna katherine's middle school dance} 
the last one my sweet girl will ever have :( 
but what a blessing these years have been.
sweet friends, a wonderful environment, some amazing teachers and very little of the drama that is usually associated with middle school. praise be to God! so here we go again, with this group of friends who since last year have grown by leaps and bounds.

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