serious as a pin trader

we are still in disney and again i am in bed, blogging after a marathon day. i had to share a funny thing about pin trading. heard of it? if you have visited disney in the last decade, that's probably a yes. 

pin trading (i discovered) has been around for years. on our first trip, my kids caught a mild case of the pin trading bug. we bought the starter kit and added a few pins here and there. they hung them up in their bedroom and i compared the collection to a charm bracelet. fill it with pins you love! and this trip my girls continued to add to their humble collection. mary claire lost a tooth on the ride down and the tooth fairy left her a tinkerbell pin under her pilow (and covered her in fairy dust) a sentimental pin to remember she lost a tooth at disney! 

so then we meet the professional pin traders. my heavens sakes alive! pin sharks! seriously - i never knew these people even existed.  there are conventions - just for pins. long lines that can last for days... just to get a limited edition pin? die hards! and did you know epcot (and other parks) have tables in front of pin trading pavilions just for professional pinners and their ginormous pin books-crates-and-caddies. while i'll admit the older pins were neat to look at - be warned, do-not-get-too-close! some pin sharks were nice and some bite small children.

nice pin lady
mary claire fell in love with a pro's lady and the tramp pin (her all time disney favorites.) the pinner basically called her collection unworthy. i found this amusing in a ridiculous kind of way, but mary claire was highly insulted. highly! we must have heard a dozen times,  "those pin traders are so rude." or "those traders are too serious."  

fast forward to today, right after the american idol experience at hollywood studios. two guests audition for a spot to again audition for a spot to audition for the judges ... it was really neat. our two contestants were  competitive and a bit emotional. one lady almost crying when she lost. 

leaving the show mary claire (seriously) commented, "that woman was more serious than a pin collector." we laughed so hard. so now we are replacing the phrase, "i'm serious as a heart attack." 
"i'm as serious as a pin trader."

just one question for the epcot pros who wheel in their collections daily:
"how many of you still live in your mother's basement?" 
just wondering.

and for the pro with the lady and the tramp pin... 
we landed a lady and the tramp limited edition! 
l-i-m-i-t-e-d      e-d-i-t-i-o-n
no line,  eight dollars, we found it at the hotel gift shop and there's only 9,250,000 left... and we're not trading it.
so BAM! 

Cheryl said...

Serious as a pin collector!!

Charles and Angela McCall said...

Yay for Mary Claire!

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