we have successfully completed disney detox.  back to school, a full email box, cleaner eating and to our world minus a lot of television! oh - and an even larger load of laundry. anyway ~ 2013 has brought changes to our family's television watching... 

as in i want it to stay turned OFF! we have never allowed tv's in bedrooms and have always tried to limit the amount of time spent with the tv. but sometimes it creeps back on and i do not realize my kids are sitting dazed for and hour or so. so we are making a conscious effort... at least no tv until 7pm. which equals a 30 minutes before bed.  what a breath of fresh air. a couple fridays ago, i arrived home late from work. despite my reminders,  i was convinced when i walked in my kids would be glued to the tv. 

instead i find my girls and their daddy at the dining room table painting and making sock puppets. (i am typing this still in disbelief.) 

{pinch me} 
this type of voluntary quality time exists in real life?
no forcing or guilting.
no planning or organizing.
fairytale maybe?

and it was perfectly ok that healthy socks and their mates were sacrificed for the sake of a tv-less night of entertainment.

thanks sallymy friend who recommended this fabulous book.

The 1st of May said...

So glad that book rocked your it did mine!!!

The 1st of May said...

PS-For the most part we are TV-less too...with the KIDS.

JB an I watched a TWELVE episode marathon of Homeland this weekend. LOL!!!

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