why i say happy easter

He is risen, INDEED! 

So we say...
Happy Easter friends!

(lately) according to my iphone

i was able to a swipe picture of bennett's pottery.

my beautiful sister

 fancy nancy's kind of fancy!

beautiful people + lap cat + pj's = perfect day at work

grandfriend's day and college meeting in one week...

atlanta bread minus the bread

favorite links

spring break here we come! too bad we are still sporting winter coats! our fingers are crossed that the weather will warm up because we are going here. and our version of this will be coming out of storage in less than 24 hours... which makes bennett and i want to do cartwheels in the yard! but before the family fun starts i will be have lots and lots of fun with these.

for now, enjoy a few great links i have come across this week.

 cookies are probably my favorite thing to cook. these tips were awesome!

Design Mom

Design Mom
 i love this blogger 
and what she did to maximaize the space in her children's room was brilliant! 
something real
 i'm not a huge lover of ham. 
but this ham recipe is for real... to die for!
best ham i have ever eaten from one of favorite recipe blogs! i made enough to last spring break. 

along with the rest of the blog world, i am loving this blog that chronicles several photographer's children week by week. except for a few of the children in my opinion too old to appear shirtless, it's awesome!
you are my wild
finally if you are in need of a few belly laughs... 
grab a kleenex and check out these easter bunny photos.

chilled to the bone

a thank you for all the kind anniversary wishes! 
we spent a romantic evening shivering at a track meet :)
the runners look chilled to the bone!
i got a smidge better at photographing better facial expressions.
our girl did great. 
i get distance running, but sprinting blows my mind.
i may mention that every time i talk track.
i may also mention how long track meets last.
jeff and i had enough time between two of her events to leave and have a sit down dinner.
anna katherine shined in the 200.
she ran her heart out... 
running so fast she momentarily dislocated her hip.
{holy cow ~ ouch!}
my camera captured it, but it is too freaky to post.
plus the facial expression would never pass her approval.

best decision

19 years ago today... 
i made the best decision of my whole life.
i married this sweet man...
and created a family with him...

 how I hope that all the brides I photograph will feel as blessed as I do.

i sure do love you jeff graves!

gluten free running

{color me rad}
 has to be the most talked about 5k e.v.e.r. 

and it's gluten free ;) they use cornstarch not flour. i smiled at that selling point! so saturday anna katherine and i joined 4 million runners in the color me rad run. the track team has heightened my girl's interest in running... which makes me SO happy! so when she asked to sign up for a 5k, it was an immediate "ok."

there was a chance of rain... throughout the week we watched the percentages climb! by saturday the chance of rain was 60%. icy rain! and this run takes place rain or shine. i couldn't wrap my mind around running wet and cold and covered in neon corn starch with 4 million people. (slight exaggeration.) what a blessing to wake up saturday morning to perfect running weather!  the downpour held off until we were leaving the parking lot (which took two, yes two hours!) i edited these pictures on my laptop while creeping our way out.
was it everything thing is was said to be? 
it was so much fun. 

the color was as radical as promised!
no skimping on color packets here!

there were wet color stations ~ dry color stations ~ fellow runners showering powder ~ radical man ;)
i set my waterproof camera on continuous mode, snapping my way through... 

so this why a free pair of glasses is included in your packet!
the world according to my contact lens was purplelicious for some time.
after color station one, my glasses stayed on!

anna katherine ran into friends from school and wanted to stay forever!
which made me happy... so we did.

a blessing of some serious mother daughter bonding time ~ talking, shopping, dinner out and indulging my girl in endless episodes of 'say yes to the dress.'  (a tv show that always accompanies a talk about materialism and shallowness.)

she's now chomping to do a mud run. 
that might be daddy/brother bonding time,
 i'm working that saturday :)

7am panic!

happy friday.  even though it wasn't a happy start over here.  for some reason i turned off the alarm clock... and went (soundly) back to sleep. not the best way to start a morning, waking up the minute everyone should be leaving for school, screaming we're late and sending the entire house into a mad panic. not a pretty sight over here at 7am! one child left in a huff, one left wrinkled and the little one was crying because she was convinced i would forget to pack her sleep over bag. serenity now!

but it's friday... my monday :) but it's going to be a great weekend despite the spring rain and freezing temperatures ~ the easter bunnies are arriving. and guess who is so happy he can't stand his furry self... charlie. he, more than anyone, loves bunny time. he's drooling (literally) with excitement! 

now for snapshots of what i spy from my kitchen window.
say what?
uhhmm... NO!

this is our good cat, kittyboy. one out of three isn't bad. mary claire's pillow pet looking cat, junebug disappeared this week... for three days! we were convinced it was dead gone. (we live in the woods ~ amongst things that love to eat cats) mary claire cried. and cried. then on the fourth day, that bat-crazy thing turned up sleeping on her bed. 

happy weekend... 
 (i need coffee!)

what were we thinking?

i'm not sure what we were thinking. 
we envisioned a nice stress free trip to the mall. a fancy mall.
 shopping for anna katherine a swim suit. 

with five hyped up kids and a stroller the size of a station wagon in tow. 

 anna katherine tried on one swim suit with this posse in tow.
they were so cute, energized, but knew they best be quiet.
we were in NORDSTROM for pete's sake ;)

vineyard and vines (i want one of everything)
showered us with balloons.
four balloons tied to the stroller put baby evie in stroller heaven... for ten whole minutes. but her cute self walking the mall was too adorable to resist!

and the strange man below...

shopping for an outfit to wear sailing? maybe. maybe not.
 who knows, but the look on his face creeps me out sums it up.  

it didn't take too long for us wave the white flag...
and find a playground.

and then everything was right with the world. 
the kids were in heaven and
i hear target has adorable swim suits.

besides the park being in the hood...
it was a stress free afternoon... for me at least ;)

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