7am panic!

happy friday.  even though it wasn't a happy start over here.  for some reason i turned off the alarm clock... and went (soundly) back to sleep. not the best way to start a morning, waking up the minute everyone should be leaving for school, screaming we're late and sending the entire house into a mad panic. not a pretty sight over here at 7am! one child left in a huff, one left wrinkled and the little one was crying because she was convinced i would forget to pack her sleep over bag. serenity now!

but it's friday... my monday :) but it's going to be a great weekend despite the spring rain and freezing temperatures ~ the easter bunnies are arriving. and guess who is so happy he can't stand his furry self... charlie. he, more than anyone, loves bunny time. he's drooling (literally) with excitement! 

now for snapshots of what i spy from my kitchen window.
say what?
uhhmm... NO!

this is our good cat, kittyboy. one out of three isn't bad. mary claire's pillow pet looking cat, junebug disappeared this week... for three days! we were convinced it was dead gone. (we live in the woods ~ amongst things that love to eat cats) mary claire cried. and cried. then on the fourth day, that bat-crazy thing turned up sleeping on her bed. 

happy weekend... 
 (i need coffee!)

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