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spring break here we come! too bad we are still sporting winter coats! our fingers are crossed that the weather will warm up because we are going here. and our version of this will be coming out of storage in less than 24 hours... which makes bennett and i want to do cartwheels in the yard! but before the family fun starts i will be have lots and lots of fun with these.

for now, enjoy a few great links i have come across this week.

 cookies are probably my favorite thing to cook. these tips were awesome!

Design Mom

Design Mom
 i love this blogger 
and what she did to maximaize the space in her children's room was brilliant! 
something real
 i'm not a huge lover of ham. 
but this ham recipe is for real... to die for!
best ham i have ever eaten from one of favorite recipe blogs! i made enough to last spring break. 

along with the rest of the blog world, i am loving this blog that chronicles several photographer's children week by week. except for a few of the children in my opinion too old to appear shirtless, it's awesome!
you are my wild
finally if you are in need of a few belly laughs... 
grab a kleenex and check out these easter bunny photos.
Brantley said...

We currently have 3 children living in one bedroom, and although my set up is not nearly as cute as the one you show here, trust me...it's no fun. I would hate to have to change those sheets!!

CathyMA said...

Great links! Happy Easter!

lauren said...

aren't you a sweetie... thanks for the love.:) i had to laugh at the sheets comment above... it's not actually that bad- especially since i can stand on that middle bed. everybody's different but i wouldn't want it any other way. :) ps... oh ma worrrd. that last pic. the granny easter bunny. the.best. :)

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