first track meet

it was an exciting night. 
anna katherine's very first track meet

a few things  i learned:
* track meets last way longer than swim meets... 
and swim meets last forever.

* our girl is one good swimmer... and runner!
* our school is overflowing with (scary) talented runners!
 like seriously lapping other schools.

* taking flattering pictures of runners is hard. hard. hard!
* i run. but the thought of sprinting makes my legs quiver.

* some parents of runners... are die hard competitive.
maybe this was so in swimming and went unnoticed.
 pool decks are so loud you can't hear yourself think.

* (several) parents dress like runners for the meets. as in running tights.
i imagined swim parents showing up to meets dressed like swimmers. and that made me smile :) 
then i imagined anna katherine's face if i showed up in my running tights. and that made me smile even more!

* man these girls are sweet!
* running into friends from other schools is the best!

* i am so proud of my girl!
* we are looking forward to this season of firsts!

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