gluten free running

{color me rad}
 has to be the most talked about 5k e.v.e.r. 

and it's gluten free ;) they use cornstarch not flour. i smiled at that selling point! so saturday anna katherine and i joined 4 million runners in the color me rad run. the track team has heightened my girl's interest in running... which makes me SO happy! so when she asked to sign up for a 5k, it was an immediate "ok."

there was a chance of rain... throughout the week we watched the percentages climb! by saturday the chance of rain was 60%. icy rain! and this run takes place rain or shine. i couldn't wrap my mind around running wet and cold and covered in neon corn starch with 4 million people. (slight exaggeration.) what a blessing to wake up saturday morning to perfect running weather!  the downpour held off until we were leaving the parking lot (which took two, yes two hours!) i edited these pictures on my laptop while creeping our way out.
was it everything thing is was said to be? 
it was so much fun. 

the color was as radical as promised!
no skimping on color packets here!

there were wet color stations ~ dry color stations ~ fellow runners showering powder ~ radical man ;)
i set my waterproof camera on continuous mode, snapping my way through... 

so this why a free pair of glasses is included in your packet!
the world according to my contact lens was purplelicious for some time.
after color station one, my glasses stayed on!

anna katherine ran into friends from school and wanted to stay forever!
which made me happy... so we did.

a blessing of some serious mother daughter bonding time ~ talking, shopping, dinner out and indulging my girl in endless episodes of 'say yes to the dress.'  (a tv show that always accompanies a talk about materialism and shallowness.)

she's now chomping to do a mud run. 
that might be daddy/brother bonding time,
 i'm working that saturday :)
CathyMA said...

This looks so, so cool!!!

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