hair cut

another 'in my draft box' post. again, from two years ago. my mom cutting the girls' hair. i am not sure what story i was planning to tell with these pictures. so i'll share one.

i could tell you about my childhood. when my mom was learning cosmetology  and  my sister and i were her guinea pigs

 i could tell you about my sister being the only second grader sporting a spiral perm.

or i could tell you about the time she chopped my long hair into a pixie cut. i was in the fifth grade and looked like a homely boy. it scared me for life. 

i could share how since that haircut, i refuse to change my style.   give or take a few puffy bangs, my hairstyle has remained the same since middle school. for real! even though my mom is awesome at what she does, it's not even up for discussion.

but the story i should really share  is about bennett. the child who hates, with every fiber of his being, a haircut. not sure why. maybe it's my experimenting with the $10 haircut kits. his hair grows so fast it has to be cut every 3-4 weeks. he usually goes to the barber downtown. it takes less than 5 minutes. but the mention... the whisper of a haircut turns that 6ft boy into a puddle of... 

guaranteed every time. no joke.

Tracy Johnson said...

Oh Heidi I remember your mom giving me a Dorothy Hamill haircut - it looked sort of like a bowl had been placed on my head and cut - I actually loved that haircut because I went from very long tangly hair to really short hair with no tangles. Good memories!!

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