happy birthday honey

saturday was a very special day because my mom celebrated her 60th birthday.  i know the jokes ~ about growing up to be like your mother. but to he honest, my sister and i always wanted to be like my mother in the fact that she is incredibly strong, independent, happy, hard working, gracious and giving.  to name a few.

by the end of the evening, i realized i had not taken a single picture of our celebration. and no one noticed? the kids were in the middle of  flashlight tag when we hauled them straight from the yard to a studio background. thank God for black and white, because this was one motley looking group of kiddos! they love their honey so they were happy to oblige.
my mother is a fabulous cook! my sister and i agreed she was deserving of a fabulous 60th birtday dinner. we put our heads together and made a dinner that would knock anyone's sock off. so fabulous it tasted like resturant food. because it was. we ordered out in :) 

 so mom, here's a peek at the picture showing how much you are loved and adored.
and these babies are hot off the press... as in 30 minutes ago!

 {dog pile}
 {the girls}

 {the sweet boys}
 only one picture because bennett swiped roger up.

and i took lots of these :)

we all love you so much!
happy birthday mom!
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