lots of random

a little random and a little phone dump!
happy weekend!

a couple videos from our DNOW weekend.

bennett's :)
a few winter break pics!
mary claire memorizing her weekly skill sharpener.
then telling  me to stop singing. yeah, i'm that bad!

 anna katherine joins the track team.
 i meet the sweetest family!
who met when they both worked in the lion king show at disney.

shopping for an elliptical
finding the exact one on craigslist
 mary claire finds wild hog bones practically in our yard.
 same fortune as my nephew!
 thyroid fun is on the horizon :(
 what makes me cry...this boy growing so fast.
 yep... it's one of the best!

 thank you lynn! 
for my gourd nativity set from ecuador.

our christmas poinsettia is still alive

Tara said...

1. Tripp had a doctor's appointment today...and now I'm imagining him sitting on that same table at your baby boy's same age...and I'm wanting to cry a little.

2. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see AK wearing her appliqued fleece...I'm so happy she likes it!

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