quite contrary

my sweet boy is going to the prom. he asked the cutest girl today. i must be vague, there are a few 'off limit' blog topics and my teenager's 'private' life is one of them. i do have permission to share a few things.  first, this little girl has the 'anna katherine' stamp of approval. and that my blog friends does not happen often. i worry anna katherine could be a sister in law nightmare. she is close to her brother and very picky (and vocal) about who he dates. second, mary claire also approves. she is in class with her brother and "he is nice." 

of course i want all the details. but could only extract a few, with the promise i would not ask again. how he asked her made me swoon!  he's going to be just like his daddy!

they are in ceramics class together. he made her a piece of pottery that said, "will you go to the prom with me."

how sweet! 
and that my friends is all i can share... for now ;)

 now for another glimpse from my kitchen window.
mary claire watering her flowers.
seeing this reminded me of the rhyme painted in her nursery: 

coincidental our mary loves a garden? 

  today, crooked hair bow, bare feet (it's freezing!) watering with a broken hose... at that moment, she was so utterly contrary to the mary in the nursery rhymes, with her lacy dress and ringlet curls.  i lamented for a minute then knelt down to photograph our (not so) mega cabbage.
when i tuned around, i saw this. 
mary claire with her feet wrapped in grocery bags. 

 her explanation:  "my feet were getting wet and it is cold." 
 so instead of taking time to grab her shoes (which were in the middle of the kitchen floor), 
our mary went for the next closest thing... grocery bags.
i had to muffle a laugh.

i couldn't make this stuff up.
this girl is a hoot! 

happy weekend!

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

The plastic bags are HYSTERICAL!!!! Can you imagine the adventures that Pierre and Mary Claire would have if they were in the same household?

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Thank you for the sweet visit to my blog. I love your header on your blog, you have a beautiful family. Family time is best time, isn't it? The best part of it is the excitement it's constant :O) Blessings, Sandy

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