tooth fairy gets called out (again)

i'm guesstimating our tooth fairy remembers 76% of the time. but that 24%... good grief! talk about focusing on the negative! over the past 17 years (60 baby teeth), we have become very efficient in making excuses when she forgets. we make them up so quickly and easily that sometimes we are impressed with our performance. 

 this is the note jeff found last night. and for the record i surmise my nine year old really does not believe in the tooth fairy...  i surmise this is a guilt tactic with the main objective being increasing the cash value of her tooth. it worked. this note tooth brought a whopping $10! 

i realized this morning that last night was our tooth fairy's very last visit. while i am very sentimental about chapters of parenting coming to an end... this chapter (and the pressure that accompanies it)  i happily closed with a few high fives. 

so long loser tooth fairy!

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