waiting for a story

my guy traveled all last week. which makes for a long week and pot luck dinners. it did give me some free time to blog organize.  i started by going through my draft box. wordless posts with only photographs. i had no clue i had so many pictures waiting for me to tell their story. that sounded sweet :) one draft went all the way back to 2011 at camp honey. 

so tuckaleechee cavern pictures... 
here is your story. 

i'm guessing it took me so long to add words because this place scared the journaling right out of me! i am a cautious person. scared of... almost everything ;) and this place was
terrifying on so many levels.

 to enter the cavern you had to walk climb down approximately three stories of narrow rickety wooden stairs. fear caused me to momentarily lock up. i remember thinking, these are the stairs into hell... a hell that is frozen over, because the chill was icy. dramatic, i know. 

this picture sums me up!

and these were not the entrance stairs. they were wooden and you climb them like a ladder. here you see the 'fancy' stairs taking us closer to hell deeper  into the earth.

someone else had the jitters! 

after a few minutes of trying to shake off the what ifs.... what if there was a minor earthquake. what if a child fell off the ledge. they would never be found (where are those monkey kid leashes when we really need them). what if the freaking electricity goes out... i would die. period.  crazy death thoughts like that. 

i calmed and enjoyed the fascinating wonders of this cavern.

i cannot express how absolutely fascinating this experience was. (and frightening)

in. his. element.

no fear when my jimmy neutron is here! he probably possesses the knowledge to make a generator out of bat poop and cave rocks. and that's his flash light.

 fascinating to imagine families of indians making this place their home! 

we exited the cavern through a gift store.
a gift store! plain weird!
but guess who begged for one of these?
we hope to visit again this year.
i won't be nearly as freaked out and dramatic.

The 1st of May said...

"Where were those monkey leashes when we REALLY needed them?!"

That line made my Monday. Thank you!

The 1st of May said...

PS-Have you seen the Modern Family episode about the "leashes". SO funny!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

My family would LOVE that place! But me, I could barely breath just looking at your photos! :)

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