what were we thinking?

i'm not sure what we were thinking. 
we envisioned a nice stress free trip to the mall. a fancy mall.
 shopping for anna katherine a swim suit. 

with five hyped up kids and a stroller the size of a station wagon in tow. 

 anna katherine tried on one swim suit with this posse in tow.
they were so cute, energized, but knew they best be quiet.
we were in NORDSTROM for pete's sake ;)

vineyard and vines (i want one of everything)
showered us with balloons.
four balloons tied to the stroller put baby evie in stroller heaven... for ten whole minutes. but her cute self walking the mall was too adorable to resist!

and the strange man below...

shopping for an outfit to wear sailing? maybe. maybe not.
 who knows, but the look on his face creeps me out sums it up.  

it didn't take too long for us wave the white flag...
and find a playground.

and then everything was right with the world. 
the kids were in heaven and
i hear target has adorable swim suits.

besides the park being in the hood...
it was a stress free afternoon... for me at least ;)

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