fainting and crying

it's a phobia and a big fat nuisance. blood~pain~injury, making me feel light headed to the point i can faint. the talk, the sight, just the thought makes my knees weak. just recently i have been able to psych myself out enough to not pass out every time i give they take take blood.  

a few years ago  mary claire accidentally head-butted me in the nose, resulting in black eyes and a swollen face. a few days later, with thoughts of a crooked nose, i made a trip to the ent. just in case.  the doctor, who lacked in personality, started pushing and probing around. then he asked me to bend over, in serious cases 'spinal fluid' can drip from your nose.  

oh no you didn't just say that. the blood started draining to my legs... seconds later, without much of a warning,  i was out cold!  this poor personality-less doctor, i forgot to mention to him that i was crazy! when i came to, he was rattled. i tried my best to explain, "i'm fine, really. i am just a fainter. talk bloody to me and i'll do it again."   he would not allow me to leave alone. so my mother drove from across town just to walk me to my car. crazy.  but it would come in handy if i were ever being chased by a predator and needed to play dead. 

anyway. like fainting at the word 'blood',  
i can also 'cry' at the word college. 
and it's coming so soon :'( 
next year i'll be crying a river. 

high school allows a few days during your junior year to tour colleges.  
we decided to take advantage of one and visit a school in the top three choices. 
the citadel

the school was so impressive. the admission counselor was fabulous. first there was an interview followed with a question and answer session. i was very, very careful to reign in my helicopter mom ways.  i did not interject any  comments.... like this school would be a good fit for bennett because he has the potential of being a hoarder.  i said nothing of the sort. 

so i was shocked when the counselor left the room and bennett looked at me with clenched teeth. obviously not happy.

"could you please ~  just try ~ 
to not embarrass me for once? "

what!? what in the world are you talking about?

"you asked him if the citadel had a SWIM TEAM! seriously! 
a military school and you want me on the swim team."

dang ~ my bad. i thought swimming was pretty cool. as in michael phelps cool. they didn't have a swim team anyway! and he's lucky i forgot my big camera ;)
 the above sight made me happy-happy. 

my boy hates a hair cut! 
better get used to it if this is your pick.
Cheryl said...

Oh this brings me back to those days as though it were yesterday. On so many levels. How is it possible to embarrass our children in the many ways we seem to? And the sick in my belly, I know it is coming, it is their time, but why do they have to go, feeling I had in my belly for so long. (I still get it when they leave) I love having adult children, but it does complicate the mother feelings in my heart.
Good luck with all of this. You will be in my thoughts.

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