boy has it been a wild and crazy week. one of those weeks where there's not a single bit of room on your plate for one more thing. blogging, cleaning, cooking, almost everything has fallen to the waist-side for the sake of work. except  friday. because it is prom day for bennett! we only get to be prom-parents maybe a half dozen times, we're going to live it up honey-boo-boo style. bennett has been mortified that his entire family wants to see him and his date off to the prom. "a caravan? are you all trying to embarrass me?"  

how could these two fashion fabulous people embarrass you?  
hash tag: #whatwerewethinking #fashionemergency #fannypacksrock and yes children, i posted this picture just to embarrass you.
 because i love you and it builds character!

 thankfully we still have one offspring in the golden era of childhood... the time when you get plenty of hugs, hand holding, please come to my school and  hear that you're the prettiest, kindest, best in the whole wide world. our teenagers find us far from fabulous and funny. they find us plain embarrassing! i mean how could this daddy not look cool! and his dance moves are off the chain.  

jeff and i have discovered that embarrassing these two kids, within the confines of our family and the blog world, is one of the most entertaining aspects of our job description. this week we convinced bennett that i am the hired photographer at his prom. the one who will be there to photograph/document everything. from the dinner to the breakfast, his mom and her camera will have a front row seat. this conversation repeats itself... 

"i am so excited that i will get to photograph all the prom action."
"you are not the photographer. i asked. they hired a lady from town."
"oh. so that's what they're telling you?"
"seriously, mom?!"
"i will be invisible. i promise."
"i'm not going."

of course i am not the photographer at his prom. 
so he will be happy when all he has to do is meet his family for a 15 minute photo session in the park.  

Cheryl said...

You are just wonderful!

The 1st of May said...

I pray I'm having this much fun in 10 years!!! LOVE it!

We were looking at pics not too long ago from my prom...It was an INSANE number of family, neighbors, etc. After we left they should have pretty much just had a block-party. Maybe y'all should!

Tara said...

1st...love that the bow ties have been a hit. 2nd...your kids will one day look back and realize how cool you & Jeff are. 3rd...I laughed out loud at Jeff's photo bomb.

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