fish skin... what the heck?

our spring break beach trip is off to a nice start.  my kids now sleep until 8am in and my friend recommended a great book. the weather has turned out to be downright perfect and we are within walking distance of a starbucks. i'm not sure starbucks is a good thing considering our morning coffee run was almost $20. bennett is beyond happy the dive shops are aplenty.  5:30 tomorrow morning i will drop bennett off for an open water dive.

a quick fish story. thank you tonya for the restaurant referral. my guy fish eaters gave the food a thumbs up. i on the other hand am not a big fish eater. i like fish... when it doesn't taste like fish. meaning "i don't really like fish." anna katherine and i chose from 'the land' section of the menu.

slicing mary claire's fish sandwich in half, i caught a glimpse of something scary. FISH SKIN! from the look on my face, the flounder might as well have breathing. 

 fish with the skin still attached to it's body! that's like serving a steak cover in fur! or chicken with the feathers still attached. at least to me anyway.  i could not eat a single bite of food and remained nauseous the rest night. mary claire ate her onion rings. what is this world coming to?

i need to own the fact that i do not like fish.

marlowe said...

She is so funny! But she keeps the house rolling ;)

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