we found our kittens a couple days after they were born.
fives precious little guys hidden under a thick patch of briars.

four of the five are ploy dactyls.
i swear this is the cutest thing next to a real life baby.
i'm thankful i can use the excuse (even though it rings some truth)
that we need lots of outside cats to ward off snakes.
yeah that's me freezing my tail off on the boat over spring break.
there wasn't another boat in sight.... but still ~
 i was embarrassing anna katherine.

the track season is coming to an end. 

during these busy weeks, it's nice to have something to look forward to. on a whim we booked another weekend to remember. after my busy time and right after some thyroid therapy. seriously, i'm counting the days.

 {i LOVE this conference}

because we're going to run piggyback at sunset, on the beach while laughing hysterically ... 
i mean really.
could they have at least chosen a picture that depicts real life? 
my educated guess is this couple is engaged, does not have children or they're paid actors. 
just sayin' ;) 

The 1st of May said...

Are y'all going to be at the Charlotte conference?? If so, we are too! SO looking forward to it!!!

Marsha said...

I just found your blog and this post. Funny! If it is happening to someone else.... I got in trouble tonight at Moe"s when my 17 year-old daughter asked for more rice on her burrito. I commented to the guy that she doesn't eat rice at home! Man, I was really in trouble.

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