happy monday...
we're buckling our seat belts for the very busy last few weeks of school and work.  come on summertime!

thank you for all of the kind messages concerning my last post. to quote bennett, i didn't want it to seem like i "dropped the mic" and walked off stage.  saying "making the move from public to private was one of the best parenting decisions we've ever made"... and leave it at that. rest assured our school days are not filled with sunshine and lollipops. swimming the waters of middle school anywhere will have it's share of drama. and high school, some days i swear i'm not going to make it another day. while we are very happy with our decision, we're not living in the land of make-believe. i promise we have our share of school related stress and worry... as we would anywhere.

now for a set of pictures that made me snicker when i realized the word 'sanctuary'  at the top.
sanctuary: [sangk-choo-er-ee] 
safe place for wildlife

 synonyms include: 
a game refuge

 and my favorite, most fitting... 
an asylum
daddy pulling his pants up old man style... just to embarrass ak
spring break 2013
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