spring break

spring break came quickly and was over before we knew it. thank goodness for photography ~ i can't imagine my life without it. because when i'm short on words, i almost always have pictures!

we enjoyed litchfield beach for the first time. it was nice, the kids loved it! a busier beach than we are accustomed to and when we headed north instead of south... i was momentarily worried.  but packed with activities and friends made the kids fall in love with this place. i'll admit, having kiddo entertainment and restaurants within walking distance was n.i.c.e. 

a quick text to a group passing school friends!

bennett dived a civil war battleship
"how neat is that!"

it was a little chilly the first few days... not too bad.
towards the end of the week, the temperatures dropped!
a quick boat ride down the inter-coastal waterway put a longer overnight trip on our summer bucket list!

we explored murrels inlet... my husband had a couple boat meltdowns... oh how quickly we forget the stress that comes with jeff, boats and tides. thankfully my guy is over the top when it comes to safety. even though it can be eye rolling at times. on this day the temperature was FREEZING!
i took pictures from the boat wrapped in blankets!

we are officially ready for summertime!

The 1st of May said...

That bike pic of AK is amazing!!! Looks like an ad!

Ps- where did AK get her scalloped shorts?

marlowe said...

So, SO jealous... can't wait my turn in July!

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