teacher's pet

 this morning, first thing i am calling my sister. my youngest tattletaled on her and the tale is comical. mary claire’s class of little girls are precious! in fact they are in my sunday school class. i know this chatty group sometimes needs to be reigned in.  my sister being a classroom teacher is in charge of reigning the GA class in... and this is what mary claire 

“aunt giggle was a mean teacher tonight. she used her loudest voice ever to tell us to sit down and be quiet. i mean, i know you have a voice like that, but i never thought she did.”

how dare a teacher tell a wild group of girls to sit down and be quiet! ;)

that sparked a lively car discussion. school, teacher’s pets and plain unfairness... a hot topic when you are raising girls. my boy seems to care less. however they were all in agreement... the smart, the pretty, the rich, the popular (i despise that word) always receiving preferential treatment. this was being said with lots of teen inflection.

i was a teacher back in the day... and felt qualified to weigh in on the topic. do teachers have favorites? unfortunately yes. teachers are human. however, i knew the importance of avoiding even the perception of favoritism. and with a class of 25, paying attention to every student is easier said than done. i remember going as far as to use popsicle sticks to ensure i called on each equally. because when i was in school, i was a student not on the receiving end of favoritism.

i was not the child who ran the teacher’s errands or cleaned the chalkboard or held the position of coveted name-taker. i was the quiet, not so cute, not so popular girl in the back of the classroom.  kids are pretty observant and i knew my chances of being ‘a chosen one’ were slim to none. this more than anything, helped me as a teacher to keep my heart in check.  i wanted desperately to make every child, cute or not,  feel like my favorite. 

becoming a mother and a teacher was a profound eye opener. how would i want my child treated in a classroom? i remember envisioning my first born, my whole heart, in the shoes of various students. i envisioned him in a sports environment... being the star, but also being the last one picked by the coach. ~ every mother of every child wants them to feel like the apple of a teacher’s eye.

let it be said, i dispise social groups and labeling. 

the word popular makes me cringe.

 teacher favoritism only encourages these in schools.  

anna katherine's response to good not to share. “well, i best start learning to jump hurdles because that’s the only way i’ll be the favorite.” the symbolism was priceless... because i was envisioning hurdles in life! she was referring to real hurdles, as in track. which is another story for another day :)

Cheryl said...

Such a wonderful post. I love reading about your family. I know I tell you that often. I can't agree with you more, on so many levels. As a dental hygienist, I had a unique opportunity to see young people one on one. As important as their dental health, their emotional health mattered to me. Making sure they left feeling as though they were the most important and special part of my day was always my goal.
Your children are lucky. As they go over their hurdles, they have a mom (and dad) who truly seem to know what's important.
Oh, and by the way, those portraits? AMAZING!!!!

The 1st of May said...

LOVE this!

I helped with school pictures the other day and had so many thoughts and emotions watching each child come up beside me and seeing their differences. Without proper support, I know school can be such an uncomfortable place.

I know you were an AWESOME teacher!

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