the prom

the day was as fabulous as everyone had hoped! 
the weather, the formal wear, decorations,togetherness was southern perfection! 
prom day at our school is a highly organized affair. it is a day students start looking forward to in middle school.
so it's quite the event!

the day begins with an army of mothers setting up, arranging, decorating... attending to every last detail. my job was to help set up and arrange flowers for the junior dinner party.

the rest of the afternoon ~ it's off to pick up flowers, charge camera batteries, a trip to the dry cleaners, car wash, showers, dress up and out the door again. it warmed my heart to see bennett so excited. he had the sweetest little date.
 we caravanned down as promised. bennett got a head start so he could pick up his date by himself. then we all (both families) met in the park for pictures. and yes, i took a million.

 bennett's date emily is adorable, with the cutest bubbly personality!

this girl loves her brother! the other sister, according to anna katherine, was "off showing herself." not literally, probably just being sassy. all the way home the girls kept talking about how pretty emily looked and how handsome their brother was... slight exaggeration on the brother comments.
we followed him to his car. i wanted a leaving shot. 
this was all he would give... not even in focus :)
then our family of creepers, went to take a look at the prom decorations in the gym. the junior class hosts the prom for the seniors. they have been working their hearts out for an entire school year on the decorations. the juniors vote on a theme that is not revealed until the day of... this year it was disney. i love the sense of ownership the children have in this event.

and then... yes we did...
we wedding crashed the dinner party. 
not really, every other parent of a WH junior was there too. never should these children wonder if they are adored!

daddy offered his table dance lessons ;) bennett was such a great sport... especially we he found out we were only staying five minutes.

immediately after the prom, the kids change into sun dresses, khakis and bow ties for the junior/senior breakfast party... coffee house style. it's quite an exhausting event!

then it is up at school by 9am saturday morning for the juniors... it's prom clean up time. loving that ownership!

CathyMA said...

Beautiful venue, beautiful (handsome) kids. Looks like some wonderful memories were made. That's really cool that the younger class creates something for the seniors. That sounds awesome!

marlowe said...

I so miss a southern prom experience! We do it right. It makes me a little sad that my children won't know the elegance.

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