dear kids, (2)

you are not going to believe what daddy and i saw today! i rubbed my eyes, not believing it myself...canada geese in canada! we were like, 'what the heck? canada geese just chillin' out in their native land!'  "how neat is that? that's pretty neat!"

 amazing don't ya think!? angela caught me in the act. 

it's like looking at an elephant in the zoo and then spotting one in africa! except elephants don't migrate by the thousands to the south and land in our yard. 
but still, the cool factor was up there! ;)
we even bought a canada goose hat in canada!

and then... you will never believe this!
 i sent your daddy to buy starch and look what he came back with!

i was like "no freakin' way!"
and he was like, "yes freakin' way, i have the walgreens receipt to prove it!"

niagara starch... in niagara new york!
unbelievable, i know.

our hotel has a starbucks. after ordering two coffees that were gross, because i had no idea what was what, i  googled. you would have been so impressed to hear me order a:

caramel espresso soy machiato grande upside down with half caffeine.

impressive right! almost as good as the coffee at the tiger shop gas station.

canada was cool. but the united states is way cooler!
we will tell you all about it. 

a few neat things were:chocolate milk vending machines! "how neat is that? that's pretty neat!"

feet washing stations in the public restrooms.

the conference is the best, i'm on out ten minute break! 
we graduate today!
daddy and i miss you so much! 

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