dear kids,

a blog post for my children.  i know they are so excited ;)  to hear what's going on at their parent's weekend to remember in niagra falls.

our trip started off with a story to remember. in all of your daddy's travels, he has never missed a flight. well remember that really big thing on the interstate?  (which turned out to be a nuclear reactor) who knew at 3:45am they would be erecting signs on the back country roads, holing up all the traffic, which at that hour was only us! we ran to our terminal with four minutes to spare.
the view during sunrise was amazing.
we flew over the great lakes, which looked like an ocean.
our first stop was in buffalo new york for lunch. 
 take a guess what we ate.
buffalo wings. in buffalo ;)
are we cool or what?
and they were delicious!
while daddy was checking in the hotel, i scooted over to the concierge's desk and signed us up for a five hour tour... which left in 45 minutes. can you imagine the look on his face?
we were able to see everything thanks to that tour!
we learned some pretty cool stuff. we even saw the point where the niagara river makes a 90degree tun.
bridal veil falls are on the united states side.
horseshoe falls are located in the u.s. and canada.
our tour guide (who was great) took us to the cave of the winds. which wasn't a cave (???) just a deck.
we got fashionable sandals and a poncho in my favorite color. you will never believe this ~ we got to keep the strapy sandals! aren't they going to look great at the lake... with my fanny pack? oh heck yeah!
we were workin' the scene in our ponchos.
the force was mind blowing. 
something you have to see to fully understand.
it wasn't scary. it was amazing. 
and even with our pants rolled up to our knees (which made us look so trend) we got soaking wet!

we rode on the maid of the mist.
so far or best highlight.
everywhere you turn, there's a raibow. 
like peas and carrotts so are rainbows and unicorns.
mary claire, we are on the look out.

rainbow overload inspired me to buy the coolest mug e.v.e.r.
i'm thinking about bringing one home for everyone. 
so we can have the coolest mug set e.v.e.r.
imagine what your friends will say!

more later... remember your parents love you to pieces!

{to be continued...}

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