fast track and payback

my older children have found a way to embarrass their mother... for embarrassing them. it's called vine and this ap is the latest teen addiction. (yes, it's pretty cool!) vine is like instagram, except with videos. 

last night, jeff was at the shop working a project, mary claire was asleep, anna katherine was studying, it was raining...  so i did what any lonely middle aged woman with a studio full of precious kittens. i brought a couple inside for some cuddling. i mean seriously, these faces can only make a person happy!

i proceded to tell them they were adorable and precious. i tried on a few names like tiger lilly, juju bean and miss muffinbritches.

out loud.
with their face an inch from mine. 
in a sappy sweet baby voice.

my son was watching from the shadows  vining (aka videotaping) our conversation.

 i will agree, the instant replay was hysterical. i looked lonely and deranged.  and yes this video might be proof that i am on the fast track to becoming a crazy cat lady. i also reminded my son that this crazy cat lady has the power to shut of cell phone service with the click of a button. so i would advise this staying in the confines of our home. 

i created a vine account today... just to follow my children.

on another note, we named the two kittens we are keeping.  that puts us at the 5 cat mark. they all live outside, i'm convinced slaying snakes on an hourly basis. i'm not the crazy cat lady with hair coating everything. 

we have used almost every name from the  book series skippy jonjones. except skippyjohn himself. that name is on hold until we have a siamese... who thinks he is chihuahua.

one of the names left was miss kitten britches. the little girl tabby has white tipped feet and the sweetest sad eyes. so we changed it up a bit and named her molly mittenbritches.  the more embarrassing to say in public, the better ;)

we fell in love with the cindy crawford mole on the spotted kitten. i was so tempted to name him cindy, but it's a boy. my philosophy is after they are snipped, does it really matter. does it really ever matter in the first place? anyway, back to the mole. jeff suggested norma jean or marylyn monroe. 

we added a dash of testosterone and named him norman gene.

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