first hoorah

nothing says summer like a bobble dancer in a grass plastic skirt attached to your dashboard! yeah, i know they are tacky. that's what makes this tradition so fabulous and memorable! our new hula doll arrived just in time to welcome in the summer. jenny springs, our original girl, suffered a nasty fall in my studio, breaking her in half.  living on a dirt road our hula dancer has wild dance moves and glue would never suffice. the replacement, jimmy springs, has one mean stare. he is a newer version of kelly's bobby mcgee.  i plan to unstick him monday and turn him a tad to the right. his glare is kinda freaking me out... like a painting when the eyes follow you. 
our first hoorah was a quick trip to charleston with daddy.
he was working and we tagged along. 
we visited the citadel. the girls had never seen the campus.
 there's not a final decision, but this college is in the top three picks for my boy.

we dined out... overlooking the battery. 
my sister's recommendation, which was great!
we dined in... trader joe's sushi.

it is so nice that my big kids are old enough to watch the little one.  especially when your room over looks the pool. however they did loose all electronic devices for arguing. 

we spent a day at the beach. mary claire is the queen of accessories! and she loves-loves her new bag from ms. smoak, thank you!
 she cracks me up. she had a hawaiian lei, but i made her leave it behind. a little too over the top. so she improvised with a beach flower.
 my girls commented on how crowded the beach was. 
this summer  they might need to visit a 'really' crowded beach. everything's relative ;)
 the boogied in the surf for over 4 hours!

as is everyone, i am thrilled summer is here! our summer will be a little, no a lot different than summers past.  bennett is taking a class at school to lighten his load, which is a blessing. but seriously throws a wrench into vacation planning.  our official vacation is planned at the end of the summer. to... who knows where? my plan is to look online a week before and then decide ;)

DawnW said...

Looks like a great trip!! I so love Charleston and Fleet Landing is a favorite!!! Happy Summer!

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