Happy Mother Day! (By: Anna Katherine )

Since its Mother's Day I have decided to “hack” my Mom’s blog , just to tell her how great of a mother she is. She is probably one of the smartest people I know, and I know a lot of people. She has always been there for my brother, sister, and me. She has changed our diapers, combed our tangled hair, and wiped away our tears. I really think mothers have super powers. They know when something bad is going to happen, when you’re scared or lost you always want your mom, and when you have a decision to make you always go to your mom it’s a habit. What’s really crazy is they are always right, always. I’m not begin sarcastic, it’s true. Also a mother is a life long friend. She will always be there when you need her, she will give the best advice, and she will tell you the truth.

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