happy friday! 
i'm starting the weekend with a great big phone dump.
(and a few comments)

bennett gets a badge, patch and uniform... he's now bonafied!
 working out of town with great helpers is guaranteed fun!
a night with my favorite wedding band!
taking my little one to work! 

shooting with her daddy
we struggle keeping ferns alive.
 my mom can grow sticks.
for real ~ a copperhead 
and i almost stepped on this evil

we end bunny season with two live bunnies!
miracles really do happen.
cantaloupe and chicken salad...thank you Tara

the weather is heating up here in s.c.
those four short legs followed me on an afternoon run.
he made it half way.
i drove back to pick him up.
pup was pooped!

i ordered a box of my favorite candy from amazon.
 dehydrated peanut butter... holy cow!
my kiddos are spending the weekend with honey in the mountains. thanks mom! wishing everyone a glorious and safe weekend!
Tara said... a jar of dehydrated peanut butter just crushed peanuts?

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