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i had forgotten how fun it is to dress for performances. my girls seem to have skin that turns bloody in anything that is remotely itchy or scratchy or rubby! that's what they think anyway :) anna katherine was our worst. i wish i had started this blog when she was younger because that girl was a firecracker! socks could not be too tight, shoes restricted her, elastic waist bands were a nightmare and dance costumes... grab the popcorn because you were guaranteed an emmy action performance. i would  baby powder, toupee tape, cut every loose string anything, bribe, threaten, reason ... and then just deal with the tears until i her daddy delivered her backstage. daddy learned how to apply backstage mascara.  we began to worry she had some weird over sensitive skin issue. but no, that was just our firecracker named anna katherine.

last night mary claire  complained the dress scratched, the petticoat squeezed, the hat was hot and the tights itched. we ended up adding another slip, a tank top and replacing the tights with a pair of her daddy's high dress sock. the heel hanging over the back of her shoes was fabulous ;)

thanks to my mother and grandmother her costume was everything i had hoped for given six hours to shop and compete. i was SO impressed her entire superfragilisticexpialidocious get up carried the hefty price tag of $14! that's what i'm talking about ;)

 a few quick pictures and down came the rain. 
no worry, her 100% super-polyester dress was better than any rain gear!

i love the traditions

another spectacular performance was the His kids spring choir performance. the teachers pour their heart and soul into making sure it is fabulous. mary claire had a solo and my goodness was it sweet! her precious little voice melted her mom and dad's heart. i will upload as soon as i figure out how to get the clip from my camera card to youtube.  
my sweet little nieces performed also. sarah anne (aka firecracker anna katherine) is a show stopper. i need to ask my sister if dance costumes drive her insane too.
liza sang the sweetest solo and was a monkey on noah's ark. 

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