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one more canada post before i upload the pictures that caused a neighbor to call 911. 

the official-official beginning of summer arrives tomorrow... because school will be out! woo-hoo! adjusting to my summer work schedule is never fun. i switch over to working third shift... which makes me mean for a few days ;)

our get-away was just what we needed! honey and papa gene took the kids to the mountains and they were in no hurry to come home. the green river had just been stocked and anna katherine was bitten by the fly fishing bug. who wouldn't after catching that many trout! a gigantic hug to these grandparents for taking care of the kids!

our conference and hotel was in niagara, new york. 
pretty neat that niagara, canada was a 5 minute walk from our hotel. the canadian side was beautiful,  way prettier than the u.s. side. but frightening (to me) after dark. not scary as in new york city gangs after dark, scary as in the middle east after dark. it was  so different than anything i have ever seen. i quizzed the u.s. border agent about this and he informed us that one of the largest terrorist cells is located in quebec, canada. gulp. so no more nighttime visits across the border. not that terrorists only strike at dark... just because i am a scardy cat and people jump from the bushes after dark;)

but isn't it lovely when the lights are on!
time with my sweet guy reminds me that empty nest might not be as devastating as i have it made out to be. little trips make us miss our kids (after the first few days, sorry kids) but we always-always have the best time together. 

we flew up with another couple from our town. they are easy and laid back travelers, just like we are. so it was effortless to mesh our plans together. our husbands both are big history buffs wanted to tour old fort niagara

bound and determined to not repeat our near miss experience a few days before, we arrived at the airport almost two hours early! only to find out that all planes in atlanta had been halted because the president was in the air (???) that's what the delta attendants said and that's what put us home at 3:00 in the morning! 

the airport time strangely flew by. the guys had fun walking around talking to people, singing to the subways ladies ~  laying the the southern accent on mighty thick! 
(the ladies were planning the next trip.) 

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