roman clothing

anna katherine finishes her latin project! woohoo, last project of 2013! i do love the fact that latin is a required course in the eighth grade.  i have watched it's benefits spill over into other subjects; science, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, SAT scores...  knowing most words have a root in latin origin helps them figure out so much more!  all this said, it didn't stop my  big kids from complaining that it was a difficult subject.

at the end of the year the students present a project on the latin topic of their choice. they must have three sources and not one of them can be the internet. wow, blast back to the good old days in the library!  bennett choose roman transportation and he (and his daddy)  built an awesome roman chariot. anna katherine choose roman clothing.

on our way to the library, i stopped by a local thrift store to look for some old encyclopedias. mainly because i detest late fees and with us, a redbox can sometimes cost $30! anyway... we hit pay dirt, finding three latin books and a roman theatre! we dug through the 'toy box' and found a basket of treasures. our thrift store purchase: $4

anna katerine loves a project! 
and i love the fact that she is an independent worker!
we bought a $6 can of plastic paint. 
which ended up being a huge waste of money.
 it didn't stick any better that the $1 can.
anna katherine was going for the monochromatic look, so everything was to be painted cream.
she worked her little tale off for a week researching and creating roman costumes for her happy meal dolls. 

i briefly stepped in to help her wire, glue and hammer it all together.
anna katherine's idea to glue popsicle sticks to stand the dolls up in the foam.
a little paint touch up...
and it was complete!

total cost $10

Casey Ferri said...

That is so cute!!! She did such a great job on that. I took four years of Latin in high school, and it was VERY hard, but you can tell all of your children that I STILL use it...all the time! I got a perfect score on the SAT verbal portion, it saved me MANY a time in law school and in court, and when we travel to other countries where we don't speak the language, 9 times out of 10 I can figure out what something means. When horse is on the menu, that means somethin :)

CathyMA said...

WOW that's really, really neat!
***I LOVE what she wrote in the Mother's Day post--you certainly raised a great daughter!

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