sharing is good

with the internet, i find my collection of cookbooks rarely being used. i even sent a stack to the thrift store.  i am guilty of heading to a website instead of pulling out a book. i had forgotten how much i love community cookbooks when everyone shares their favorite recipes. out pto is selling a (big) cookbook... and at a glance it looks fabulous! i just added 'baking' everything in the sweet section to my summer bucket list.
 and if you know me, you know my love for baking cookies. it's almost effortless to turn any cookie recipe gluten free just by substituting my favorite GF flour.  i swear this flour makes everything taste better! this week i baked two batches of almond lace cookies (and citrus sugar cookies)... taste buds calm down, i know they are fabulous!
 and since they are gluten free with zero calories, i'll take ten.
i'm not serious about the calorie part. 
but i did eat at least 10 (+)

another note ~
i overheard two ladies in the doctor's office talking about friends who refuse to give up a recipe. 
have you ever met one? a person who refused to share a recipe? i have.

 before this happened, it had never crossed my mind that someone would tell you NO when you asked the recipe to a cake. the first time this happened, i think the look on my face was as if i had been slapped. really?  didn't your mamma teach you to share. especially afer picking my brain about camera settings.shame on you! a few adjectives  flew through my mind?  like arrogant - selfish - rude.   i mean even neiman marcus shares it's cookie recipes. 

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