i love weekends that are packed with family activities.
this saturday my sister and i attended the first communion of our dear friends.
being southern baptists our entire life,  the catholic traditions were fascinating.

bennett went another around with the SAT.
it was a rainy weekend. 
my guys disappeared to the shop.
their labor of love is finally ready to paint.
sunday after church, despite the rain, 
we went to watch the polo match.

it rained and it poured.
i'm not even sure the other team showed up.
but a nice polo expo was good enough for us.

our funniest moment was when the people in our neighboring spot pulled up in a rolls royce. they arrived during the 5 minutes it wasn't raining. they had a fancy table with a fancy centerpiece,  they poured champagne in fancy flutes. we watched their set up from our mismatched stadium chairs, with our diet pepsis and wal-mart waters. i didn't bring a table or centerpiece... and they didn't bring a tent. so when the rain came down, they were happy to merge our parties together... it was pretty neat! so we enjoyed the rest of the day with our fancy new friends, we passed on the champagne but they loved amy's chicken salad. they might just be the nicest millionaires we have ever met ;)  

CathyMA said...

Love it! love the polo shots, and the jeep!!!! My daughter's First Communion will be next year. You take the best photos!

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