camp, torture and the invasion of privacy

this week anna katherine is at camp. man we miss that girl!  mary claire and i were able to be a tiny part of this adventure, we drove a bus up to deliver children. i really wished i could have stayed.
on the way back it was just the two of us on that great big bus. mary claire hopped up front and immediately spots the microphone. the first hour was cute.

after three hours, guantanamo bay was calling, they wanted their #1 enhanced noise interrogator back! mary claire and that microphone, piped into a prisoner's cell for a few hours... the emotional abuse would have the hardest prisoner turning on their own mother! 

this little sister has really been missing her big sister. she's scared to sleep upstairs without anna katherine. "but your brother is upstairs and he can shoot a gun."  doesn't matter, she misses her sister being in the room next door. i found her alone, perched on a shelf in my studio reading to her kitten. sweet, but to me looked so lonely.
thankfully, there is a no student phone rule at camp, praise God! unplug them please! i sent anna katherine a message via a friend at camp (thanks paige!) it said we missed her. the girls were sleeping in her bedroom, but i wasn't allowing them to touch her make up. i included this picture:
i also posted on facebook and texted it to my mother. never in a million years did i imagine someone would think it was for real.  the diary was a baptist hymnal and some fast photoshopping. i got a couple icy messages about privacy, then my mother called.

"did you just walk in on them and they were going through her stuff? and what were they reading? "  

"yes mother, i allowed them to pillage her room and take what the wanted. and the diary entries were all about boys." 

i'm kidding! i felt the need to follow up on facebook, promising this picture was completely staged, not an invasion of privacy. it was so easy getting these drama queens to crack up over music notes.  
CathyMA said...

That last photo is priceless!!

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