domestic what?

 this post was not intended to be a cliff hanger. it just took me forever to edit the pictures that went with the story. mr. camden, johnny deal, said it best: 

"it ain't a party in the south unless the poe poe show up!" 

it was the final week of school, exam pressure was
 mounting. the kids had been studying all weekend! i was loopy from calling out endless literary and latin terms.  sunday night, it was mandatory family time on the front porch. daddy brought his guitar, the big kids brought their exam notes and mary claire was running wild through the lawn sprinklers. 

bennett wasn't going to let an opportunity pass to torment his sister.
one thing led to another. 
i grabbed my camera.

 as they began to blow off some stress, the noise level rose.
notice bennett slipped into a swim suit, ready to get serious.
but we do live in the country and we are always kind of loud... in a good way!

 at first is was bennett and mary claire.
 anna katherine couldn't stand herself.

 the party went from the front yard to the back yard. 
we had just gotten a new blow up kiddie pool. 
i suspect that's when the noise peaked!
 about an hour later, the kids were back inside studying, drying off, winding down for the night when there was a knock on the door.

it was the police.
there had been a call from a neighbor about a domestic disturbance at our residence.
are you kidding me!?  
a domestic dispute set to guitar music? 

listen, if we are going to beat our kids, it wouldn't be in the front yard ;) he spent all of two minutes at our house, even laughed it off himself. 

my kind optimistic husband put a positive spin on the call, "at least the neighbors care enough to worry." care?  50% of our neighbors are loons who hate happiness! i can seriously share some stories! i did find out that you can go to your local dispatch office and find out where the call originated ;) it's on my to do list for the sake of curiosity!

Amanda said...

Ha Ha! Happiness hatin' loons! Love it!!!!

CathyMA said...

PLEASE let us know who did it--this is so exciting!!!! I wish you had taken a family pic with the cop (Christmas Card!!!)

The 1st of May said...

I have laughed and RElaughed at this post!!! Yes! LOVE it CathyMA!

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