happy 50

 my sweet guy has turned fifty!
why is that so hard to believe!
and my sister in law is only a few days behind him.
phone bomb!

an example of how 'everything's relative.' when my big kids are around my sister's children, they are usually the calm ones, i mean they're a decade older. when they are with this crowd, they're off the chain!

these cousins always-always have a great time!

don't let her fool you, aunt rhonda is a closet cat lady!
 i texted my sister in law on the way home assuring her i was not intoxicated... oh and we were not in marriage counseling. you see it had been a l-o-n-g four days. *last days of school, awards days, class partyswim team, GA graduation, packing, unpacking, a big wedding, church, clean up and birthday party

have you ever had that feeling when all the scrambling is over, the marathon is finished and you feel like a limp dish cloth? well that was me at this party, having a great time, but exhausted. bennett said, "man, mom you looked strung out on something." jeff and anna katherine agreed.

then someone, i think my father-in-law, asked about our marriage conference ~ the family life weekend getaway just for fun... bennett yelled, "it's marriage counseling."  how many times have i said it is not counseling! if it were marriage counseling, i would tell you... in fact i would blame it all on you, bennett graves! ;)

imagine the conversations on the ride home... heidi is so strung out, jeff is packing his bags ;) i promise, look at me in this picture, i needed tooth picks for my eyes. and this was the good one! 

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