lazy days

it's been rainy here in south carolina for... well, it seems like since the beginning of summer. there's something about a rainy summer day that makes you feel lazy in the best kind of way. last year it rained for a few days on our vacation. rained as in a tropical storm/hurricane blew through, sunk boats and tore down trees. for us it was some of our most memorable days. 
we are sticking to our 'no t.v. until after dinner' rule except on rainy afternoons. i have covered the sofa in soft sheets and piled on the bed pillows.  nighttime movies are a rare treat and we have been living it up. i finally was able to see les miserables and oh my goodness did it ever live up to all the hype! so good! my girls have fallen in love with little house on the prairie. mary claire has yet to watch an episode without crying.  bennett has become hooked on dr. who.
and this little guy, my nephew roger, is fun rain or shine! 
 this kid is so darn adorable!
word on mill street is that he is a tasmanian dirt devil at home.
no way... how can that face be anything less than angelic!?

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