life lesson number (who knows?)

friday night bennett was taking his girlfriend home when they drove upon a mama raccoon who had been run over and her three babies watching from the side of the road. {pitiful} so they hopped out, scooped up the babies,  turned them loose in the volkswagen and then loose in my studio.

mary claire instantly fell in love, i grabbed my camera and charlie (our dachshund) went berserk! a wiener dog's dream come true x3!

after charlie was pinned up, they ran out of my studio and into the woods, up a tree... but not before biting and scratching bennett's girlfriend ~ who just wanted to cuddle ;)  it was a small bite but enough to make a late night call to an animal control friend ~ just in case. i then learned that raccoons are the number one carrier of rabies in the state of south carolina. even if they look healthy. 

{insert} doctor calls, dhec forms, tests, needles, hours of waiting.

bennett and his girlfriend spent all of saturday in the ER getting her first round of rabies shots. and yes they hurt like crazy.

Jo said...

They certainly look sweet, and it was a true act of kindness, but painful life lesson ~ hope Bennett's girlfriend is feeling better. Ouch!


CathyMA said...

Oh, hard lesson to learn when they were just trying to do the right thing. Rabies shots, yikes!

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