our child prodigy

as bennett gets closer and closer to college, we hear the question, "what does he want to do." other than excel in math :) he is undecided.

mary claire on the other hand is nine and has chosen a major. animal psychology with a minor in animal training. here she is with our her cat junebug. the cat that makes me reconsider animal euthanasia.

 she's a child prodigy! 
we had to come to terms with it ;)
 at nine she has taught this bat crazy cat to follow her through the a lawn sprinkler. no force needed!

 despite the hissing sound, despite cats naturally hate water and despite the fact this cat needs to be put down counseling...  junebug will walk on fire for mary claire. but growls at every other human being... 

 maybe it takes a crazy cat girl to train a crazy cat ;)

Brantley said...

You have your very own Cat Whisperer. :)

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