pet un-friendly

the girls and i are off! we left today for the florida keys! we planned the trip last minute, the way we do things :) we will enjoy some time with the craynes and our guys will meet up with us later. 

we prefer to make the long drive in one day; hunker down, load up on redbox movies and go-go-go. this time, i had to work a half day so we are splitting the drive into two days. also, to save our guys some time (because they tend to take forever going anywhere), we took the dog.

i love my dog. but the only time i want an animal in my car is when they are being transported to the vet. but charlie is a good dog, a great traveler and listens to me better than my kids.  i should have read up on animal walking etiquette.

we were screamed at (i stress the word scream) by two workers at the florida welcome area.  "this is not the dog walk!"   sorry i missed the dozens of signs, i just wanted a quick picture."  "THIS IS NOT THE DOG WALK!"  and this scared my girls to pieces.

in advance i searched out 'pet frinedly' hotels at the half way mark. i was as selective as selective can be when limited to the pet friendly section. (and to me that just sounds yuck) before price, i read reviews and choose a hampton inn populated area.

and yes it is populated... but mostly with motorcycle shops and strip clubs. one club is called cheaters ~ i swear! there is a waffle house, but it looked way sketcy.

before checking in, i said a quiet prayer, i thanked my husband for insisting i get a concealed weapon permit and then strapped on my weapon. (it was a gift from my husband, small and light with a custom fanny pack.)

 i requested a room near the office, which was all good until i mentioned i had a dog. " OH~ the nasty pet rooms are located in the back building, facing the woods for your convenience."  my convenience?  in the back facing the woods? convenient for dog walkers and murders! i'll just say, charlie will not get a potty until daylight ~ sorry in advance!

i am not even going to begin describing the 'pet rooms.' i'm scared to look to deeply. i will say it appears clean, but i really wish i hadn't watched the episode of dateline about hotels and black lights.  

between the pistol strapped to my waist, parking the car six feet from the door, unloading valuables and refusing to let them touch anything until i strip the bedspreads, my kids are a little on edge too. we all want the daddy. next time i will smuggle the dog in my bag. then again, there probably won't be a next time!

tonight,  i thank you Jesus for safe travels and tylenol pm!

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