what's up

what we've been up to... according to my back up camera phone ;)

mary claire finishes third grade on the headmaster's list!
96 and above average in everything!
charlie ate a rack too many of honey's ribs. causing him to spend 24 hours at the vet ~ cha-ching.  
in the parking lot charlie hurls, causing mary claire to do the same thing!
 i came really-really close myself. big time chain reaction ;)
 anna katherine teaches evie the teenager duck face!
 mary claire loves a pen pal!
 ok, a really bad photoshop job, which is what makes it funny! jeff sang in a friend/fellow choir member daughter's wedding last weekend. she had a dream a while back that jeff showed up naked for her daughter's wedding... naked singing the Lord's prayer at camden first baptist. 

i texted her this picture the morning of the wedding:

"jeff bought a new outfit for the wedding,
 he wanted to look more like the jeff in your dreams.
bet you never imagined all that was under his choir robe!"
is this not the cutest thing ever?

a thank you from our sweet friends for always being so thoughtful!
can you believe this note!? 
left on my car in the zoo parking lot! 
yes, my parking was amazingly awful and my husband agreed, but still.
that's just mean... and funny at the same time!
mary claire had to go to emergency care on a sunday morning. 
a suspicious virus that in the early days sounded like cat scratch fever.
roo cups are awesome!
again, is this not just too cute!
for jeff's birthday dinner my super star chef of a mother did all the cooking. she told me, "just add the rolls."  (not for me)  i sent jeff to walmart for rolls. i didn't care what kind, just rolls. he called a few minutes later:

"walmart is out of rolls."
"that's impossible."
"well, they are. i've looked everywhere. there are no rolls."
"that's like walmart being out of meat and vegetables. there are rolls in the bakery, sandwich bread section, frozen foods and by the eggs. it is not snowing, i promise there are rolls at walmart."

he found some ;) i am giving him the benefit of the doubt, i can never ever find the car parts he sends me looking for. 

 happy wednesday!
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