camp honey cut short

our week with my mom was coming to an end when she got a phone call from south carolina. you see, years earlier, on the first day of the first camp honey, she received a similar call ~ my grandfather, her father, the most precious man, had suffered a heart attack and died. i will never forget that ride home. this call was similar,  my grandmother, my mom's mother, suffered a stroke and was being transported to the hospital. {flashbacks} my mother being her primary caregiver was hours away. a very long story and a hundred phone calls short, my grandmother was taken good care of by other family members and my mom was by her side in no time.

praise God she is doing well. she still has a ways to go. she was diagnosed with temporal arthritis. when the side effect is sudden blindness and stroke, it is always - always worrisome.

camp honey was cut a day short. but not before we squeezed all the goodie from our trip. the last thing on the agenda was the state park. i love a state park. i especially love the junior ranger program. we had big plans to make it to the parks first... but got sidetracked by dolly ;) and made it there the last day. this year the girls learned to weave on a loom. how neat is that! pretty neat ~ and hard! 

my mom and sister were at the river with the littles and i was left to weaving activity.the flier failed to mention that weaving a bookmark would require one child (for the free supplies) and one college educated adult, per child. preferably with a masters degree, because this ain't no everyday bookmark ;) i blame it on sweet ranger mary jo's instructions. if she would have just said "over and under" all would have been good in weaving world. but the extra ten weaving vocabulary words and the half dozen short cuts and accessories had the audience stunned and dazed for a few. check out the faces above... it wasn't just me. {bless her heart}

when we finally said the heck with it and went over and under,we were bookmark making machines! (manually powered) the girls got to keep the looms and weaved all the way home. because after an hour and a half, we were half way to a quarter of the way done. all that blood sweat and tears, that's going to be one special bookmark. imagine weaving a dress! 

then it was to the river to meet the others.
the kids waded and played and discovered and threw rocks and hit things with sticks and splashed 

and threw up at the picnic.... yeah, but only one. 
and it just so happened to be the really cute charming one with a turtle tattoo!

and only because honey's honey baked ham was so good he shoveled it in too fast. in fact it came back up so quick, it didn't really look like throw up (which i think was worse) one of the kids threw water on it (which made it even worse) the baby was gagging (yeah, worse) mary claire was adding her signature drama (worse) and guaranteed, no one would want any more of that million dollar glazed ham.  my sister and i don't do throw up very well... so thanks mom!

i usually get a nice posed picture of our picnic. 
i just happened to take this one before the real one and right before the accident.

really ~ this is the best behaved baby ever!
my sister reminded me that they were all this good once... then they grow ;)

so we drove home friday instead of saturday... so thankful my grandmother was doing well and so thankful for a wonderful week... minus only one day ;)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!
I don't do throw up either! In fact, I will join in if I see or hear it happening, not really a good thing when you are a mom! ;)
Glad your grandmother is doing well!

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