day ten

6am thursday morning, bennett made a trip to fisherman's hospital. (such a cool name for a hospital) they are not 'exactly' sure what's up, but feel the fire burning in the back of his throat is scuba diving related.  most likely a bad mix of air.  they sent him out with a shot of steroids, antibiotics, pain meds, nasal spray and a humidifier. i think they covered all of the bases. it's no fun laying in bed on vacation. praying my boy feel better on friday.
we made another quick trip to key west with daddy.  key west is a very different town,  definitely one families need to visit in the daylight. we are 40 miles north in a much more 'wholesome' key ;) referring to all the keys as key west is like edisto beach and north myrtle beach being the same place.
 the trees are amazing!

 mary claire and i wanted to tour ernest hemingway's home and eat at the six toed cat, which was out of this world! so good we bought the shirt ;)
 tables in the shape of a polydactyl's paw!

 while we toured the house, daddy and anna katherine made a trip to the lilly store. (a month's worth of babysitting money is in that little bag)
 and there were six toed cats everywhere!

 picasso even made him a sculpture of... a cat.

my favorite book is old man of the sea.  last summer we bought a book on his hemingway cats. in the book it also  summarized his life.  i knew he was married a half dozen times, a major cheater. after the hour tour, i left with the overwhelming feeling that he was a sad man and quite morally bankrupt.
 the rest of our fourth of july was spent on the boat, soaking up the sunshine... and fishing.
anna katherine has out fished everyone!
mary claire is the master fish unhooker.

we ended our night at sombrero beach. 
it was a fireworks show that showed up disney!
ONE hour long set to music! they even played dixie.
 seriously there must be a hidden key that manufactures pyrotechnics.

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