first up...

first on the camp honey activity list was the philadelphia quarry. this place is breathtakingly beautiful! it is hidden behind a dairy farm, in the middle of the smokey mountains, at the end of a walt disney inspired forest. we were fortunate to have our action figure diver, bennett, with us. because we did not realize this is a 'dive only' quarry. meaning it is for divers only.  bringing your swimmer friends is a perk for divers.

so while our diver did his thing, we did ours. which involved a lot of commotion, a wide spread mess and plenty of happy noise. quarries echo yo know... doesn't that sound fun!?   luckily we were the only ones there besides a dive instructor and his student. which benefited the diving student, practicing his dives in a hostile environment with six hyped up kids in the water ;) we're here to serve!

i will let the two dozen pictures sum up our day. i have a few more sets that come with stories. i will have to save until the wi-fi is free ;)

my favorite picture from the day

my sister is going to kill me! but she looks great!

 the funniest set to come involves liza and the paddle board!

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