bennett brought home a huge bundle of fireworks. at first we thought our dog, charlie, hated them. he would bark, run, basically go nuts as soon as the fuse was lit.
then with anticipation all over his face, waiting for the next one, we realized he actually loved them! by the end of the evening, his fierce weenie self was grabbing smoke bombs and sparklers and running through the yard. only to run back and  wait for another. maybe he was trying to keep his family safe. maybe he was chasing us. maybe he was looking for the cats. without a doubt, he was entertaining.

before watching... please hold back the hate mail. yes, i realize this was not the safest game for a dog. he singed off his whiskers. he wasn't running with a roman candle, even though the thought crossed our mind ;) this was a sparkler fountain. we promise to not do it again.

dear neighbor who heard wild noises during our yard games, this would have been the perfect time to report a domestic incident. sorry you missed it :(

*we were singing this all night;
"this girl wiener's on FiRe...he's walking on FiRe..."

Chylns Realm said...

OMG what some dogs get up to with their families. He is truely one of your children but maybe next year you can have a little doggie fire blanket and some burn salve just incase because I think that you wont be able to stop him playing with sparklers if everyone else is. I just love how animals connect with people:)♥

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